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Public Housing


The Public Housing Program is primarily supported by funding that is obtained from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Additional income is provided by the rent that is collected from the residents living in Public Housing.  Although the Stillwater Housing Authority receives funding from the federal government, the Housing Authority is an agency of the local government under the direction of the Board of Commissioners

In addition to Roxie Weber Plaza, the Stillwater Housing Authority owns 58 properties that are scattered throughout the Stillwater community. The houses and duplexes vary from one to four bedrooms.

Rent is based on 30% of the annual adjusted gross income and family composition guidelines. Residents are required to pay rent to the Stillwater Housing Authority and keep each unit in a safe, decent, and sanitary condition. A dwelling lease is signed on each unit, and all requirements must be met in order to continue living in low-income housing.
Lease Provisions

1. A security deposit of $250.00 is required before a tenant is allowed to take possession of the property. (Arrangements can be made for special circumstances)

2. Rent is due on the first of each month. Residents have until the 5th day of the month to pay rent without receiving a late charge. The late fee is $25.00 each time a payment is late.

3. Rent is based on 30% of the family’s adjusted income.

4. The property will be inspected annually by the Public Housing Coordinator.

5. The tenant may terminate this lease at any time by giving  45 days written notice.

6. The Housing Authority has a limited Pet Policy.

7. The tenant agrees to keep the premises and other such areas as may be assigned to him for his exclusive use     in a clean and safe condition. To maintain the lawns by mowing, trimming, etc.

8. All Public Housing units are smoke free. 

  • Application Procedures

To apply for residency in Public Housing you will need to complete an application form, which can be obtained from the Stillwater Housing Authority office in the Roxie Weber Plaza at 807 S. Lowry.
Your name will then be placed on a waiting list at the time the application is received. Keep the Housing Authority advised of your current mailing address, and phone number. When space becomes available, the Housing Authority staff will contact you as early as possible.

  • Income Qualifications for Public Housing

Annual income must be below 50% of Area Median Income. The current income limits are here.

  • Background Check

We strive to ensure that those who engage in illegal drug use or other criminal activities that endanger the well being of residents are not allowed to live in public housing. To ensure this, the Stillwater Housing Authority follows the below steps:

1. Conduct comprehensive background checks that include screening for criminal activity.

2. Work with courts and law enforcement to gain access to criminal records.

3. Develop criteria to screen for drug related and other criminal activity.

4. Protect applicants’ due process rights.

5. Consult with attorneys who are familiar with local laws.

6. Consider involving current residents in the tenants selection process.